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Refined Idea: What’s your secret?

Revealing memoirs of the beautiful elderly women, an interactive storytelling installation with multi-screens complete the experience of finding stories behind the poetic display.

We see different types of people in New York City, but have you ever touched by one of their beautiful smile ? Elderly women in particular, their warm smile, like a aura of peacefulness, calm you and also arouse your curiosity of their stories. This project will give you a warm and calm space with poetic setting of elderly women’s live portrait, bringing you closer to their real life when you walking around the installation. Meanwhile, the stories also show on your second screen device simultaneously. That stories of good or bad, you will revel by yourself while seeing and touching. Since we live in such a busy life, can we get some wisdom from someone growing old gracefully?

Installation part:

Cornell Box

Tech- part

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Project: Interactive Video Sculpture

Clen up Idea:

Pictures and videos projecting on the soft flowing clouds. Wondering around the memories of others, seeing their life from childhood to the elder age, thinking about the choices they make, gave the audiences a space and time to stop for awhile, to think about their own life, to try to find a reason for their busy running around.
People’s emotion around the world can be connected by sharing stories. You do see the similarity of the living individuals. That good art can communicate emotions, which not necessary to be a narrative one,but bring the feeling alive.


· What are the first steps?

· Is it big enough to interest you for a whole semester?

· If it is enormous, what aspect of this core idea can you tackle? Is that a project in itself?

UX ASSIGNMENT 3 design a physical object that allows a user to count

The target audience is someone who wants to keep a numeric record of something and have a physical reminder of their progress to display for themselves and others on their desk or workspace. The object should allow the user to easily record single increments of change (either counting forward toward a target or backwards from it).

  • Rachel lives for vacation. She is going to Hawaii this year  and can’t wait. She is leaving in 100 days and wants to count down toward her vacation. Rachel thinks having a constant reminder of her progress toward vacation will help her get through the tedium of her job.

My solution:

A screen saver, which generates 100 bubbles at the beginning.

Touch one bubble each day till the last one disappear.



The background is Hawaii island with  bubbles floating above.


How to count down:

use your finger tip to touch the bubble each day, thus see more of the Hawaii photo.




  • John’s New Year’s resolution is to scale back on his coffee consumption. At the end of last semester he was drinking as many as 30 cups a week. Rather than going cold turkey, John wants to scale back. He is allowing himself 10 cups a week in 2013 and wants an easy way to keep track of his coffee consumption. He thinks displaying the weekly tally will help shame him into sticking to his resolution and force him to take it seriously.

My solution:

interface:A monster waiting to eat the sweets by longer the string.

How to count :

untie a knot when the user drinks one cup of coffee, so that the string will getting longer till the monster eats the sweets.

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